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             艾貝爾寵物醫院是國內專業寵物全診療連鎖機構,在全國各地分布幾十家全資寵物醫院,主要分布在江、浙、滬等長三角經濟活躍的大中城市。醫院平均營業面積超過200平方米,多家醫院已成為當地中心醫院、轉診目的地醫院。公司年產總值每 年都在高速增長。
             • 公司使命:逐步打造成為中國寵物診療的圣地,中國的梅奧,通過團隊醫學,提供讓寵物主“尖叫”的服務。
             • 公司愿景:人才集結、嚴格管理、成為寵物行業具有綜合競爭實力的領導者。
             • 公司核心競爭力:優秀的寵物人才,強大的市場網絡。
             • 戰略重點:以人為根本,重點打造診療、教育、科研三方面的核心競爭力。
            Ai-bi pet hospital is a professional pet hospital with total subject diagnosis and treatment organization in China. It distributes dozens of wholly owned pet hospitals throughout the country, mainly in the large and medium-sized cities of Yangtze River Delta such as Shanghai ,Jiangsu and Zhejiang.The average operating areas of the hospital is more than 200 square meters, and many hospitals have became the local central hospitals and referral destination hospitals.The annual output value is increasing every year.
            Ai-bi pet hospital’s doctor teams including hundreds of outstanding professional veterinarians.Not only so,central hospitals are equipped with such as digital X ray machine, color B-ultrasound, five categories of blood cell analyzer, hemodialysis machine and other advanced diagnostic and treatment equipments.
            Advanced management level:Ai-bi pet hospital carrys out company operation, normative charges, whenever you go to any Ai-bi hospital will let your pets get reassuring treatment.
            Sophisticated technology:Ai-bi pet hospital’s diagnostic services and treatments have been saved countless animal’s lives.Especially in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disease , heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, skin disease, surgical disease, eye disease, dental disease about dogs and cats also have rich experience.
            Powerful teams:Ai-bi pet hospital has profound human resources,The number of graduate students has more then thirty ,bachelor degree and above up to 70%.
            Company mission: The holy land in China's pet clinics, become China's Mayo, through team medicine, to provide services let pet owners scream.
            Company vision: talent aggregation, strict management, become a leader with comprehensive competitive strength in the pet industry.
            The core competitiveness of the company: excellent pet talents, strong market network.
            strategic emphasis:human centered, focus on building the core competitiveness of the three aspects of diagnosis and treatment, education and scientific research.


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